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(Left at bottom of pile by Laguna Beach customer we had done 20 loads with on his full remodel)

Our projects usually run around $100 – $150 for a fairly large load of approx 800 lbs. If larger, $240 usually covers things.

This covers a lot, but sometimes things do take longer when the junk and debris is scattered.

In that case, there would be a small amount added to invoice.

What is happening now, as of May, is gas prices continue to rise, hitting $4. Lovely.

but unless the project demands larger equipment, we travel with lightest possible truck and trailer. So our costs are as low as can be, translating to lower pricing for you.

What pricing covers: Liability insurance, storage of equipment and trailers, unloading at dump or where your load goes, time spent to get there and back, plus dump fees.


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