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Where does your stuff go when its finally hauled away by a junk removal service like Haul Nuts?

Ah, thats the multi-million dollar question since space is running out in many landfills.

For one thing, there are companies that see big money in this, such as an equity capital group in San Diego county that wants to put a dump in an untouched canyon near the Pala Indian Reservation inland from Oceanside.

This is an example of why more recycling is needed, of course. And its Haul Nuts does our best to recycle parts of every construction cleanup and junk hauling job we do. Its the only way to go.

hauling my occur at new san diego county landfill dump

You can read more about the environmental issues of the proposed San Diego Landfill here

9/20/16 – Landfill and Dump in Texas aids in Lessening Climate Change and Deep Recycling

Why a landfill In Denton, Texas should be leading the way into more efficient ways to deal with waste is beyond my paygrade, but that appears to be whats going on there.

It turns out that methane, as a potent greenhouse gas, can be tapped by a well-designed system, and approx 50% of the methane release can be captured and used as an energy source to power up to sixteen hundred homes. Great news considering the number of landfills in the country, if this model holds and is expanded.

In addition, the site and “mining” of its contents will enable it to be self-perpetuating by using much less space. Here in crowded Southern California and Orange County, there is little room or citizen support for filling canyons or digging new ones for dumps, just to put our trash in.

So Denton Texas has a great idea. Lets hope it works and is replicated elsewhere. Soon.



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