Junk Removal to Landfill

Junk Removal to Landfill

With land as expensive as it is in Orange County, it is somewhat amazing that we even have landfills – places that would otherwise be more condo complexes or shopping centers.

But we do, and one of them is near Haul Nuts offices in San Clemente / San Juan Capistrano.

This location happens to make us very cost-effective in junk removal from your business, home or worksite.  And in our business, logistics and location is king in determining how efficiently projects can be completed.

Its simple: Whereas other junk hauling and removal services have to sit on the 5 fwy for an hour to get to the Orange County Landfill, we get there in 10 minutes.

This lowers your cost by lowering our wasted time in traffic, gas cost and general energy for the project.

So rather than struggle with getting debris and waste out of your hair, let us do it the easy way. 

The Haul Nuts way!

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