Introducing Recycle Week Free service to lower wasted resources


Haul Nuts would like to help you recycle something of use during the week of Earth Day, April 22nd. No charge for this service.

We hope also to continue this program on certain weeks through the year, with a little support from the great communities we are a part of here in South Orange County.

As avid respecters of the environment and the wonders of nature, we hope to unload less at landfills as a result of working with you on the right items. We dont happen to be latecomers to conservation since we spent years winning preservation of 200 acres of wild lands in Newport Beach at a site called Banning Ranch. We are also working on a larger and very key south county wild lands iniative through our non-profit Nature Commission.

The kinds of items and materials that would be most recyclable include:

-Metals such as aluminum and copper

-Some electronic and household devices

-Furniture – even if in very good condition – would be least wothwhile

We will pickup the goods for you as capacity and time allows. Pictures of things to be recycled are appreciated.

OC Landfill by Haul Nuts. Below is where items end up when not recycled.

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