Stories of the road

September, 2016:

Learned about real strong parental discipline in an unusual setting – the Prima Descheca Dump. It turns out that cool worker there was taught lessons by mom in a way he would likely not forget. Sure enough, he didn’t. When approx 12 years old, he forgot to make his bed one day before heading out to do what kids do, play.

In coming back home to his room, everything he owned in his So Cal room of decades ago was simply tossed out the window, lying outside.

Mom made it very clear, that next time there would be hell to pay if he didnt think of room cleaning before play (as if that reminder wasnt enough).

She also helped this grown man to remember about using four letter words around her. The one time he did, she laid smack into his jaw with a heavy skillet, busting his teeth. He watched his mouth from then on.

Since my sister and I had the polar opposite in how our parents handled us in terms of punishment, these stories were hard to wrap my head around. Wow.

August, 2016:

Well just when you think your problems are the biggest, baddest around, something blows that idea out of the water.

We took a call from a young woman in Irvine who needed to move out immediately of one of the huge new complexes near Jamboree and the 405.

Reason for the fast moving: Her roommate had overdosed on drugs, probably suicide. So the girl was freaked out, obviously.

The woman we helped was struggling to keep functional, as you can guess, but over a couple of days we got things cleared out of the apartment, into storage and maybe helped the young woman stabilize her emotions and faith. She gave us a  compliment to that effect, so we hope all turns out well for her.

-9/28 update: We got a call from the woman who was doing quite well, and was moving in with new roommates while also saying she had managed to adjust to what happened to her deceased friend. We moved some leftover furniture out of a storage unit for her. Hooray for her attitude recovery!

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