trashy got junk for removal and a good-story? Trashy-Shots is your style


Got a pile of junk, a good story and an eye for taking fun photos?

Trashy Shots is just your style.

Imagine anything, including people in the shots, big messes, hoarding extraordinaire, garage sales gone crazy. You name it. Have fun with it. 

We’ll choose the top three, post on our website and notify you of results.

Winners Receive:

1st place: Free Junk Pickups and Removals, plus $100

2nd place: Free Junk Pickup and Removal, plus $60

3rd place: Free Junk Pickup and Removal, plus  $40

How to Win:

-Submit your most expressive. funny, unusual or irreverant shot to Haul Nuts:

-Add a short story to image or send up to a 2 minute video instead of image

-Contest ends, results announced on May 1st.

– Your contact info is held in confidence since we dislike spam as much as anyone. On judging images, we regularly take nature photos with attention to quality, and will have a small group of people vote on images.

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